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Sree Gokulam Public School, Calicut is a distinctive co-educational perspective following the CBSE syllabus. It is a resource centre that focuses on learning which is purposeful achievement oriented,
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  • Excise department

Our institution is always keen in moulding responsible citizen. With the support from Excise Department of the state, the school has conducted several awareness programmes for the students. Under the special project ‘Vimukthi’ the students are getting a chance to meet and interact with officials many a times in a year.

  • Cyber cell

In this century of technology, it is very mandatory to firewall our students from the menace ofinternet. They should be well versedabout the hidden dangers in the gadgets they use every day. The school arranges platforms for the students to discuss and clear their doubts with the highranking officers from Cyber Cell, Government of Kerala.

  • Health Department

The health and hygiene is an important area where the institution is keen to make the students aware about. Students are well bridged with the department through our institution. Team of doctors conducts special classes for girls on women’s health and hygiene.We conduct yearly medical camp to check eyes, ears and skin of students and keep consolidated record yearly.

  • Revenue Department

Learning by doing provides a different level of experience. Our institution has arranged a platform for our students to have a real time discussion with the Revenue department officials. They were invited to visit the bank, observe and learn the functioning of bank- from form filling to reconciliation.

  • Pink Police

With the support from the Police Department, we make sure that our students are getting the knowledge about the need to abide to the law. The women wing, pink police shares martial arts tips with our girl students. They are given demonstrations,in a year interval, on self-defenseto make girl students confident to confront a situation, if arise.