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Sree Gokulam Public School, Calicut is a distinctive co-educational perspective following the CBSE syllabus. It is a resource centre that focuses on learning which is purposeful achievement oriented,
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Normal Class Rooms

Normal Class Rooms Normal Class Rooms We provide smart class facility for all classes which the new educational practises demand today. Learners will find it easier and interest to learn in an enthusiastic digital way.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab Our Chemistry Lab is an equipped one with all the necessary requirements that help students learn scientific concepts and enhance student’s practical skills and problem solving abilities.  

Physics Lab

Physics Lab Physics Lab We have a well equipped Physics Lab with many instruments, equipments and apparatus used for performing experiments in different disciplines of physics. It helps the students in establishing the relevances of theory and brings clarity in the mind of students regarding the basic concept of the subject.

Math Lab

Math Lab Math Lab We have provided a Maths Lab which comprises of a variety of mathematical teaching aids in the form of models , games, CDs etc. Appealing activities for a wide range of students with varying proficiency are introduced with the goal of generating further interest. This will help students to visualise, manipulate… Continue reading Math Lab


Library Library “Reading maketh a full man.” – We follow this quote and ensure that each and every student have equitable access to books and reading by surmounting the finiteness of language.

Counselling Sessions

Counselling Sessions Counselling Sessions Effective counselling sessions are given periodically for the students for their better development in the society. In certain cases separate individual sessions are given. Parenting sessions are given to all the parents section wise to make them fully equipped to take care of their children. They are given necessary knowledge, tools… Continue reading Counselling Sessions

First aid Center / Medical Room

First aid Center / Medical Room First aid Center / Medical Room Preparations for unexpected are essential. We ensure emergency treatment by a trained person at all such needy circumstances with utmost care.

Remedial Sessions

Remedial Sessions Remedial Sessions Remedial Sessions are held periodically to help the struggling learners built up their basic skills. These sessions provide extra help or support to catch up with their peers. This will also help to reduce the gap between what a student knows and what he is expected to know