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Sree Gokulam Public School, Calicut is a distinctive co-educational perspective following the CBSE syllabus. It is a resource centre that focuses on learning which is purposeful achievement oriented,
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KG Class

KG Class KG Class

Computer Lab

Computer Lab Computer Lab A multipurpose computer Lab is arranged here to provide computer services for the learners. It’s a well arranged one in order to facilitate lecturing, group work, presentations etc. Here we make it smoother and easier for the learners to practise designing of software systems.

Smart Class Rooms

Smart Class Rooms Smart Class Rooms

Bio Lab

Bio Lab​ Bio Lab We are providing a highly equipped and well stocked laboratory for Biology. We have simple and compound microscope for the learners to use. It has a variety of models  which enables learners to get in closer with the actual things.

Math Lab

Math Lab Math Lab Our institution is ready with maths lab materials where students learn maths in a constructive way. Maths is not just about problem –solving, it is also inclusive of scouting ideas for our pupil. They use shapes, puzzles and games to learn concepts and enjoy learning maths through creative and logical methods.… Continue reading Math Lab

Language Lab

Language Lab Language Lab A digitalized space for foreign language as English language learning is arranged where learners can access to audio and video study aids.

News Paper

News Paper News Paper News Paper reading helps in learning many things. It improves the student’s vocabulary as well as grammar skills. In our school the students have the facility to read the newspaper. News Papers of various editions are provided in the library so that the students can read the same during their recess… Continue reading News Paper


Auditorium Auditorium

Open Stage

Open Stage Open Stage

Interactive classrooms

Interactive classrooms Interactive classrooms